Let’s Sleep Well Tonight

From Spacemasks.com to Lush and Avon, these are the top products that I’ve found to help me relax and get the best night’s sleep. I do find that sometimes it’s hard for me to get to sleep, my mind is most active at night and I can feel myself rolling over and over trying toContinue reading “Let’s Sleep Well Tonight”

Tony Moly – so cute, but worth the hype?

Tony Moly is probably one of the cutest brands that I have come across, I just love their packaging. They are a key Korean Beauty brand, launching back in 2006 to produce a range of innovative and unique skincare. They’ve grown to be quite a household name, but I’m going to be talking about myContinue reading “Tony Moly – so cute, but worth the hype?”

I got my first Influenster VoxBox!

Hi and welcome to my proper first post on my blog, today I will be talking about Influenster and the OPI VoxBox that I received. I hope you enjoy. What is Influenster? Influenster is a platform for people to share reviews and stories on products they’ve tried, whether it’s good or bad to help youContinue reading “I got my first Influenster VoxBox!”

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