Let’s Sleep Well Tonight

From Spacemasks.com to Lush and Avon, these are the top products that I’ve found to help me relax and get the best night’s sleep.

I do find that sometimes it’s hard for me to get to sleep, my mind is most active at night and I can feel myself rolling over and over trying to drift away. I’ve been on the hunt and trying out different products for a while to see what has been most effective for me and my favourite to use. Below I will share the best products I’ve found, links to where you can purchase them and what I think about them.

Mists & Sprays

Pixi Beauty – Dream-y Mist

Can be purchased for £16 here. This is a sleep-enhancing elixir, jam-packed with the natural aromatics of Lavender and Jasmine – a soothing facial mist to help leave you skin feeling calm before sleep. My favourite part of this mist, is that it is full of antioxidants, this means it helps to protect your skin’s surface from oxidative damage (such as pollution and UV). I love using this last thing on a night, to help my skin refresh for the next day.

Avon – Beauty Sleep Pillow Mist

Can be purchased for £4 here. This Pillow Mist was a great bargain at £4, it has quite a strong but relaxing smell that is long lasting. I’ve used different pillow mists before and have ended up not being able to smell them after a really short period of time – so I was super impressed to notice it still after a few minutes/as I was falling asleep.

Avon – Lavender & Chamomile Body Mist 

Can be purchased for £2 here. Although this is a body mist, I use this as a room spray before bed, just to create a peaceful aroma to drift off in. This honestly leaves my room smelling gorgeous, and I can imagine that if you’d prefer to use it as a body mist that it would work lovely.

Mario Badescu – Facial Spray with Aloe, Chamomile and Lavender

Can be purchased for £6.75 here. I know that these sprays/brand seem to be quite controversial and a hit or miss on whether they’re liked, but I’m quite a fan of this product! This is a face spray I use on nights where I feel I need cool down before I can sleep, it’s a refreshing and cooling spray that provides me with an instant hydration boost.

thisworks – Deep Sleep Pillow Spray

I got a mini in a gift set from Oliver Bonas, but the full size can be purchased for £19.50 from here. I do recommend this for someone looking for a more luxurious pillow spray, as this is pretty high-quality based on my experience (I am glad I got to try it), but if it came to be choosing between £4 and £19.50 I would pick Avon (just for my budget). The pillow spray is long lasting and with quite gentle scent to help you drift away peacefully.

Body Lotion

Lush – Sleepy Body Lotion

Can be purchased for £16 here. I am obsessed with this body lotion, going as far to say it is my favourite one. It is perfect for getting you ready for bed, it helps to destress and removes the tension out of your muscles as you apply it, not to mention the Lavender scent is very calming. It’s quite a thick lotion, but it soaks into your skin well and quite quickly and it doesn’t leave your skin feeling greasy. With the combination of cocoa butter, almond oil and glycerine, this lotion works perfectly to leave your skin feeling moisturised and silky smooth. I have my back-up pot ready to break into, once this one has finished.

(Self-Heating) Eye Masks

I’ll be honest, I still don’t quite the science of how these eye masks are self-heating, all I know is that I’m hooked and they’re a staple in my routine now.

Spacemasks – Interstellar Self-Heating Eye Masks

Can be purchased for £15 (for 5) here. These are the (original) Jasmine-scented masks, that I originally discovered by the lovely Lysha’s Reviews on Instagram. If I ever can’t get to sleep due to a headache or migraine, I turn to these eye masks. These instantly work to relieve the tension in my head and behind my eyes to help me fall asleep with in 15 minutes – a miracle worker.

I won’t go into too much detail on Spacemasks, as I have talked about them previously on my Instagram here.

MegRhythm – Gentle Steam Warming Eye Mask

Can be purchased for £6.85-£6.99 (for 5) here. These are Lavender-scented eye masks, similar to the Spacemasks but at a much more affordable price (around ~£1.40 each in comparison to £3). I find that these work exactly the same as the above masks, but just have a different scent. So it really depends how much you want to spend and the scent you are looking for.


GO2 – Inhaler Sleep Stick

Can be purchased for £3.99 here. I’ve never used inhaler sticks before, but decided to give the GO2 Sleep stick a try after seeing so many positive reviews online, and I have not been disappointed. These inhalers are full of natural essential oils (Lavender, Red Mandarin & Frankincense) to help promote the quality of your sleep. I find that two sniffs before bed is enough to relax my senses and clear my mind before I go to sleep.

What I find that works for me, may not work for someone else, but I hope through sharing my experiences and thoughts that you may discover a new product to try! If you want to know anymore about the products feel free to comment below or message me on Instagram.

Thanks for checking out my post!

Let’s Sparkle Everyday,

Beth xox

One thought on “Let’s Sleep Well Tonight

  1. Love this post, you have so many great options listed!! I love the “This works” spray so much and those warming eye masks too how amazing are they!


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