I got my first Influenster VoxBox!

Hi and welcome to my proper first post on my blog, today I will be talking about Influenster and the OPI VoxBox that I received. I hope you enjoy.

What is Influenster?

Influenster is a platform for people to share reviews and stories on products they’ve tried, whether it’s good or bad to help you find the next best product to use. Alongside reviewing products, you can ask questions, take part in polls and hopefully earn a VoxBox of products to try. This app is perfect for anyone who wants to share a review on something they have tried, it’s not just for beauty either, it covers a range of topics including food, pet care, technology, travel and home care.

What is a VoxBox?

A VoxBox is a box of free goodies, often full size that is sent to you for testing purposes.

Companies work with Influenster to send these products out for testing purposes, as they rely on people to provide honest feedback on their products to help them improve and see how the community responds. It’s important to note, that even if you are an Influenster Member, you are not guaranteed to get a VoxBox. There are ways to help you have more of a chance of getting one, which leads me onto my next question…

How do I get a VoxBox?

  1. You need to be using the Influenster App. This is free and it is needed as the activities for your VoxBox Campaign are done through the app. [App Store Link] [Google Plays Link]
  2. Sign up for Influenster, you have to be a member to be in for a chance of receiving a VoxBox, make sure to fully fill in your details and information. They say the more they know about you and your preferences, the easier it is for them to send a VoxBox suited to you.
  3. Complete your ‘Snaps’. These are questions you can get involved with to see what products you use and it allows Influenster to get to know you a little more, this again helps you to get a more suitable box.
  4. Make sure your social media profiles accounts are connected (especially Instagram as in the campaign I was involved with, it required me to share my review on my Instagram). Along with your Influenster followers, the followers you have on social account help to build up your impact score, the higher this number is the more likely chance there is for you to receive a VoxBox.
  5. Use the app and see what happens. In my experience, I just kept posting and interacting with other people on Influenster until I was contacted about my first VoxBox.

My Experience with a VoxBox

How did it work?

I received an email from Influenster on 17th November 2020, which said I had been shortlisted for their next VoxBox campaign (OPI Rainbow), and I had the option to ‘Opt-in’ or ‘Opt-out’ of the campaign, which had to be done by the 18th (the next day!). To Opt-in, you then had to complete a survey to see if you were a fit for the campaign, I didn’t find out straight away if I had been chosen or not. I didn’t hear anything for a while, so I just presumed that I hadn’t been chosen as I had read online that in most experiences people had heard back in a few days. It wasn’t until December 12th, almost a month later that I got an email with the subject “You’re In, Beth!😉” Woo! I’d done it, it let me know the VoxBox was on it’s way for me to try, what was included in the box and a link so I could check out the activities required in the box. The VoxBox actually arrived the next day, which made me think there maybe had been a delay with the email. I then had 4 weeks to try the products and complete the different activities in the campaign, Influenster also sent me a couple of emails during the time to remind me about completing the activities to make sure I got them done on time.

What activities did I have to do as part of the campaign?

  • Follow OPI on Instagram
  • Review on OPI UK website
  • Post on your Instagram Story
  • Share on Instagram

They provided you with helpful tips to produce the best content, the required hashtags you needed to include and the necessary wording to show that you received these products complimentary. They made it really easy for me to follow correctly. Now onto the exciting bit…

What was in the box?


Nail Lacquer Natural Base Coat – £13.90

Can be purchased here.

This created such a smooth base for the nail colours, and it didn’t change how the colour looked. I used this on my toe nails first and when I took my polish off after almost 2 weeks, there was no staining to my nails underneath. It’s definitely a shiny base coat, but you could just wear it on its own for natural and healthy looking nails.

Nail Lacquer, in the shade ‘Polly Want a Lacquer?’ – £13.90

Can be purchased here.

This was a gorgeous lilac/lavender nail polish, and my absolute favourite shade out of the three. This colour applied very easily to my nails, and it created a smooth and silky finish. I only had to use one coat of varnish for a non-streaky look, which I was very impressed by.

Nail Lacquer, in the shade ‘No Turning Back From Pink Street’ – $10.50

I couldn’t find this product on the OPI UK site, but I found it on their US site here.

This was a really pretty pink/magenta shade, it wasn’t my favourite as the lilac/lavender stole the show. However, it performed as well as the purple by applying easily and only needing one coat.

Nail Lacquer, in the shade ‘Alpine Snow’ – £13.90

Can be purchased here.

I hate to say it, but I was disappointed with this shade – I have to be honest. It was really viscous compared to the other shades, which made it harder to apply and in fact it actually appeared quite lumpy on my nails. I think it might be because I tried to do a full nail of colour and it would have worked better as just a French tip, yet I’m still not sure how easy this would have been with how thick it was.

Nail Lacquer Top Coat – £13.90

Can be purchased here.

No complaints about this top coat. My nails barely chipped by the time I removed the colour on my toes, I was super impressed as my nails chip so quickly for me normally. I would never normally pay this much for a top coat, or any of the other products actually, but it really showed me that investing a little more into these products does actually make a difference.

I am super thankful to Influenster for this opportunity of testing out this range of OPI Nail Polishes. It was really exciting to get involved with this campaign, especially since I only stopped biting my nails last year and I’m trying hard to keep them looking pretty!

If you’re already on Influenster and you want to support one another, check out my page here.

I hope you enjoyed my first blog post, I honestly feel I put more effort into it than my Apprenticeship coursework in the last 6 months – but it shows when you enjoy something it’s easier to make that effort.

Let’s Sparkle Everyday,

Beth xox

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